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Why participate?

I have ideas and solutions

Innovation and productivity are the drivers of economic growth. They thrive where diverse networks of businesses, ideas, people and organizations interact; consider the Ideas Festival as the collision of the minds that instigates change.

I care about the future of Atlantic Canada

Atlantic Canada's aging demographic means young people need to increasingly take on positions of leadership in business and government. The need to collaborate has never been greater to build that critical mass required to attract foreign investment, build economies of scale and repatriate our talent.

The world is changing rapidly everyday

The rapid pace of economic and social change, including the rise of developing countries, is forcing us to more effectively stimulate, communicate and apply new ideas. Importantly, there is no consensus around which ideas should be used.

2013 Speaker's list

Michelle Murton

Michelle Murton 2Michelle holds a Bachelor of Science in Nutrition from the University of Saskatchewan and Master of Science in Experimental Medicine from the University of Alberta. She has worked professionally in the areas of nutrition, health, and health transformation for almost 25 years, as well as lectured at Mount Saint Vincent University and Dalhousie University.

Michelle believes that health and well-being are fundamental, sacred, and precious, and offers her experience and passion in service of real conversations and action in these domains. She is a steward and practitioner of the Art of Hosting Conversations that Matter and has been instrumental in introducing participatory and inclusive leadership practices and methodology to leaders and innovators within the public, non-profit, and private sector in Nova Scotia and abroad. Her life experiences and practices come to life daily in her entrepreneurial role as a registered yoga teacher and co-owner of the Fall River Yoga Centre ( Michelle is dedicated to nourishing the deep power, collective wisdom, and limitless potential of her fellow humans, by creating spaces of trust and authenticity.

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"Events like this one (very 21st century in their appoach to knowledge-sharing and insight-provoking) are always exciting and productive times - I'm very encouraged by the foresight that 21Inc is bringing to the table and I look forward to being involved as this vision-building process unfolds."

- Max Whyman, Author and Critic

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